REI #OptOutside

#OptOutside is a social media campaign by the american retailer REI, that encouraged their customers to go and explore the outdoors.


REI took this years Black Friday as an occasion to do something completely different. Instead of floating their stores with discounts, REI paid its 12.000 employees to go outside and they invited their customers to come and join them. A companion website provided an overview over hiking trails in the US as well as other places for activities, like skiing or biking.
A sharing tool allowed participants to upload their picture, extend them with a sticker and share them with the hashtag #OptOutside. Over the weekend, more than 1.4 Million people uploaded their pictures to the sites gallery.
I took part in this amazing project by working on the user experience of the sharing tool as well as assuring the overall quality by detecting deficiencies before they got published.
Visit the website at This project arosed in cooperation with North Kingdom

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