Kapfee is the result of a short-time project with the german manufacturer EMSA. The attempt was to enhance and broaden the existing products with the „Internet of Things“.


The Internet of Things takes place in our everyday life. The smart fridge, or a toothbrush with cleaning-tracing: the extending of everyday objects with smart components is the trend of the future. A complete different question is, whether they are always that useful or beneficial. The goal of our two-week cooperation with EMSA, a worldwide operating manufacturer of household items, was to create first concepts for intelligent products.
The first step was to concretize an issue, which could be solved with our new attempt or on which we could supply some thought-provoking impulses. As daily coffee drinkers, our glance quickly fell on diverse franchises, which often sell their lifesaving products for exorbitant prices.
Kapfee is the concept of a connected coffee mug, which delivers a visualization of its users drinking habits. It also encourages him to drink home-brewed coffee instead of overpriced name-brand coffee. Every time the user takes a sip, Kapfee measures and saves the amount of the swallowed coffee. A Google Maps API searches afterwards for the nearest coffeeshop and calculates, how much money the user saved by drinking his own coffee.
The fraction amount of the sum will be transferred to an extern account. The user can reinvest the saved money in the companion app by turning a wheel of fortune. Possible outcomes could be an order of ten coffee packages, a Google advertising against franchises or to pay somebody on Amazons Mechanical Turk to protest in front of a Starbucks against pumpkin spiced chocolate-caramel-frappuccino with extra cream and colored crumbles for the reasonable price of 25.99€.
Kapfee wasn’t only supposed to fulfill a practical usage, but to enable the user to raise his voice for himself. This project arosed in cooperation with Lennart Bramlage Dirk Erdmann

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